Vetting His Kitten - MINK

Vetting His Kitten

I don’t have time for my mother’s games or her menagerie of mammals, reptiles, and god knows what else. At least, I don’t think I have time for them until I meet her trusted veterinarian, Amelia. Suddenly, it seems I’m extremely interested in the wellbeing of my mother’s furry and scaly friends, so much so that I visit the vet’s office on a daily basis. It’s the least I can do for both my mother and the devoted vet.

Amelia is a sweet, caring woman with a big heart. I couldn’t be more different. I’m a crow with killer instincts and a thirst for power. But even crows need care, don’t they? Even a rough beast can find love in the heart of an innocent, tender beauty. I intend to take that love for myself, right along with everything else Amelia has to offer.

But when the truth about my ruthless life is exposed, will she see a wounded animal in need of her redeeming love or a predator that should be put down?

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