Claiming His Kitten - MINK

Claiming His Kitten

Alana is the heir to a fortune she doesn’t even know about. But I do. I know it down to the very last penny, and I want it for myself. Problem is, I’m the one who created the security that keeps the fortune locked away. I should be able to break it, to undo the encryption. But I can’t. Not alone.

I need Alana. I’ve watched her closely for the past few years. A woman with eyes that catch the sun and a heart a saint would envy. I have to get close to her. So I do. So close, in fact, that she thinks I’m her savior, her friend. I’m not, of course. All the time I spend watching her, talking to her, hanging on her every word–that’s all for show. Just for show, I remind myself. So why do I find myself more entangled in her than ever? So much so that I begin to think the real treasure has been right in front of me the whole time. . .

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