Stealing His Kitten - MINK

Stealing His Kitten

I’m not supposed to be in this greenhouse, and I’m definitely not supposed to be stealing this super rare flower, but I’m in deep trouble, and this flower is the key out of it. Too bad it’s owned by a man who catches me easily, calls me his little cat burglar, and takes me captive. He does other things, too, things that make me hot all over.

When I catch a thief, I generally have no mercy. After all, I’m a thief too, so I hold others in my profession to the highest standard. Marigold, however, is a special case. One that makes my mouth water and my heart pound whenever she’s near. Too bad her father is a cop, one who’s heard of me and all my dirty deeds. But I’m not about to let the greatest treasure of my life slip away, even if she doesn’t yet know just how bad I truly am. Marigold is mine, and I always keep what I steal.

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