Rebel Tempts the Beast - MINK

Rebel Tempts the Beast

As one of the biggest players in the Yakuza, I do my duty and rule my syndicate with a hard but fair fist. I follow my own rules and adhere to my own sense of duty.

Until Mei.

When my mentor sends his daughter to live with me and instructs me to put her on the correct path, I try to use a strong hand to guide her. But that hand tends to gravitate to her rear end, especially when Mei runs her smart mouth. She’s young, fiery, and looking for love.

Though I follow strict rules and enforce them in my life, Mei bucks them with ease. She’s a little rebel, one I never want to break. In fact, I fall for her just the way she is. She’s the one I never saw coming, and the one I can’t live without.

When an enemy sees an opening and tries to use her against me, I’ll burn his lineage to the ground and salt the earth behind me. For Mei. For our future. For our family.

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