Beauty Tempts the Beast - MINK

Beauty Tempts the Beast

Revenge is my life’s work. I’m an artist in the subject. And there’s one masterpiece I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. Helen. She seems innocent and sweet, but she comes from a family that left me scarred and broken. Taking her will be the pinnacle of my vengeance. So I do. But once I have her … I can’t seem to continue with my plan.

This has never happened. I’ve killed without remorse, taken revenge again and again on any who wronged me. But when it comes to Helen, I can’t bear to see her so much as break a nail, which happens with frightening frequency given her adorable clumsiness. So I keep her. And I protect her. And before I know it … I love her.

But her family isn’t the sort to let anything or anyone go. I’ll have to fight to keep her, but will my beauty decide to stay with her beast, or leave and break my heart?

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