Nanny Tempts the Beast - MINK

Nanny Tempts the Beast

Finding a nanny for my niece and nephew isn’t something I ever thought I’d be doing. But now I’m all the family they have left. I can’t let them down, and I won’t.

All I have to do is hire a nanny. I interview plenty, but I know the moment Charlotte walks in the room—she’s the one. Innocent and young, something about her pulls me in until I want to know every last detail about her. She’s amazing with the children, and she soothes the beast that lurks inside me. Her touch quickly becomes an addiction, one I won’t deny.

She doesn’t know what sort of man I am or of the danger that follows in my wake. I should tell her the truth, but I can’t risk her leaving. So I show her what she means to me by visiting her room every night, by giving her more than me than I’ve ever given anyone else.

But danger is part of my life, my business, and my dark world. When Charlotte and the children are threatened, I’ll stop at nothing to keep them safe, and I’ll tear apart anyone who tries to take them from me.

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