Christmas Grump - MINK

Christmas Grump

Reindeer Valley is a beautiful town of holiday happiness and Christmas cheer.

I hate it.

In fact, I have a plan to destroy the whole thing, reducing this place to a pile of ashes. But I’ll need an assistant, someone devious and cruel who can help me do all the dirty work. Merry is neither of those. In fact, she’s the warmest, kindest person I’ve ever met. Despite this fact, I hire her. She needs my guidance and protection, after all.

As her employer, I’ll help her become the best employee she can be as she performs each of my underhanded tasks to wreck Reindeer Valley. Once I discover she isn’t following my instructions to the letter, I realize she’s in need of punishment. Lucky for her, I’m a very involved employer, and I’m more than happy to give her the discipline she is so sorely lacking. She takes my instruction quite well, and her desire to please me only reinforces how wise I was to hire her.

But what happens when I have to choose between my revenge on Reindeer Valley and my sweet darling Merry?

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