Christmas Crush - MINK

Christmas Crush

Watching Ruby build a life away from Reindeer Valley hasn’t been easy, but I had to let her spread her wings and find out what she really wants. I’ve known what I wanted from the moment I saw her in high school. But I was a jerk then, someone who didn’t understand what love truly meant. Now I do.

And now it’s time for Ruby to come home. Her grandmother’s bakery has (quite mysteriously) been overwhelmed with holiday orders over the past week, and Grams needs help. There’s only one person she can call, one person with the know-how to bake the mountain of Christmas cakes and cookies.


When she comes home, I’m going to show her how I’ve changed and how much she means to me. I only hope that will be enough to convince her to stay here with me in Reindeer Valley forever.

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