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Taming His Bride

I’ve been chasing stories from the first moment I could ask questions. When I started my own investigative blog, I pulled stories straight from the headlines and dove deeper to discover the truth behind the circumstances. None more so than in the case of the missing mafia prince, the very first investigation I undertook from the warmth and safety of my teenage bedroom.

Then I grew up and got mixed up in a whole lot more than musings on missing kingpins. I followed the story of a maligned pop princess and wound up at the lodge—a hidden safe house for bad men with dark pasts. When I met the growly Tiernan, I knew I’d be in for the story of my life. The more I get to know him, the more I realize how much I’ve been missing one aspect of my own story—romance. He brings it and so much more, his gruff ways and soft touches melting me until I’m hopeless for him.

But when some of the people I’ve exposed on my blog come calling, I’ll have to rely on more than his soft side if I want to survive.

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