Wrecked - MINK


Fighting is my life. All I’ve known for the past few years is the sensation of using my fists to subdue my opponents. I’ve known pain, too. Enough for a lifetime. I’m paying off a debt, one that was never mine to begin with. But it’s mine now, and I won’t let my family down. I fight, and I’ll keep fighting, no matter the cost.

Until she’s thrown into my arms. A princess who shouldn’t be in this violent, vicious world I inhabit. I’m supposed to wreck her, this innocent beauty who makes me feel things other than pain. Other than anger. In fact, she makes me weak, because when I look at her, I imagine a world outside my cage.

A woman like Petal was never meant to be mine. Not in this life. I was ordered to hurt her in countless ways. But once I get a taste of her, turns out I’m the one who’s wrecked. Utterly, completely destroyed by love.

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