Villain's Prey - MINK

Villain’s Prey

Kidnapping a Fernandino princess will be easy. Rich, spoiled, entitled, and full of a confidence they don’t deserve—the Fernandinos are going to fall. I’m going to be the one to hasten their demise by stealing their cherished little princess Olivia right out from under their noses. To her, I’m the villain, a Taletti who knows nothing but violence and blood. Good. That’s the way I want it.

All goes according to plan… Until I get a taste of her sharp tongue and a look at her wicked curves. It doesn’t take long for me to realize she might be more than the spoiled little brat I’d been sent to collect.

But wanting her for myself creates more danger. Olivia is in the crosshairs, and my father’s finger is on the trigger. Saving her means betraying my family, but maybe it’s time I start a family of my own–with her.

What’s a villain to do?

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