Unforgettable - MINK


Tonight’s the night. I’m going to propose to the woman who’s turned my whole word around. She’s everything I’m not. Warm and sweet, so creative and talented. I’m beyond lucky.

I’m ready to pop the question.

The only problem is, when I meet Stella at the restaurant, she has no idea who I am, who she is, or why she has a lump on her head. What’s worse, she’s terrified … of me.

Stella injury wasn’t an accident. No, someone hit her with a lethal blow that, luckily, didn’t kill her.

Instead, she lost her memory, but I intend to make her remember why she’s the most special woman in the world. I’ll never stop loving her, and I can only hope that eventually she’ll remember me. If she doesn’t, I’ll do everything in my power to make her fall for me again.
And for the person who thought they could take her from me? I’m coming for you.

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