Under His Spell - MINK

Under His Spell

I live in a haunted house. Well, at least that’s what the bloggers and ghost hunters think. The legends about the house on Raven Ridge aren’t true. But when I find Sienna in a chat room and read her words of interest in my house, I take an interest. And once I learn more about her, I know I need to get her here by any means necessary. So, sure, I play into the “haunted” rumors.

Once Sienna arrives, she’s even better than my imaginings. Smart, sweet, and utterly adorable—she’s tracking a ghost and won’t be denied. Good thing I can do my part in making the house seem haunted.

Until strange things start happening. . . Sounds, feelings, and creepiness that grows by the day. I always thought the stories about the ghost of Raven Ridge were made up nonsense, but this October, I’m learning the past is alive, and I’m in a race against the clock to keep Sienna alive, too.

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