Treasured - MINK


I’m here to do a job. Steal the vase and get the hell out. Easy. At least it would’ve been if I hadn’t witnessed a kidnapping and decided to step in and help. That’s when I meet Milly… And also when I realize I’m in a whole world of trouble.

I’m used to bad men. In fact, I was raised by one. But when Mateo tells me he’s a bad guy, I can’t believe him. Not when he treats me like the most priceless treasure he’s ever found. It’s easy to fall for a man like him. He saved me, and now he says I’m saving him. Then again, when we take a trip to Paris to transact some of his “business” I start to understand exactly what sort of bad guy he is–a top notch thief. Makes sense. After all, he’s stolen my heart.

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