His Tiger Queen - MINK

His Tiger Queen

I’m a princess in a tower. Well, sort of. I live on an estate with high walls and plentiful guards. My father is an important man, though I’ve never learned why. But I have learned to obey him or suffer the consequences. Even so, I have a life I understand and one I can bear as long as my tiger is here with me. She’s my best friend, my only friend. At least, she was until I met the strange man through the garden wall. Ronan.

He isn’t afraid of my father. Isn’t afraid of my tiger. And the more we talk, the less afraid I am of him. I begin to hope he’s the prince who can save me from this tower … Until I learn I’m betrothed to another. But if there’s anything at all I’ve learned about Ronan, it’s that he doesn’t give up easily. But will I be able to escape my father’s plans or end up married to another man after all?

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