Sweet Psycho - MINK

Sweet Psycho

Am I the hunter of the prey…..

I have a few quirks. Nothing too out there. Not really. I mean, yeah, I like to know everything about everyone around me. I tend to obsess over little things. Round foods freak me out. Social interactions give me hives. But, really, those are completely normal issues. Right?

My world is on lock, except for the part where I have to work for the government to stay out of maximum security prison. At least, everything *was* on lock until I’m tasked with getting to the bottom of Owen Caddel. He’s just part of my job. That’s all. Except … the moment I focus on him, I realize I want to know everything. Every last detail. He’s maddeningly fascinating, a puzzle I must solve.

I need to figure him out, and I’m just psycho enough to stalk him until I do. But here’s the thing … What happens when I begin to suspect he’s been stalking me all along?

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