Stuffed - MINK



She set me up. This cute little woman with the big eyes and the sweet words framed me. Now I’m serving a jail sentence thanks to her tricks. But I’m no fool. Layla is clearly a highly trained operator who decided to take me out of the equation. My contract to eliminate Graham Tucker—owner of the Fill-A-Friend stuffed animal chain—hangs by a thread, and I have to get this kill before Layla steals it out from under me. The day I’m released is the day I’ll take my vengeance on that cunning assassin with the innocent eyes. And then I’ll take out Graham Tucker and close my contract with the Brotherhood.


Pandacorns are my bestsellers. Seriously. I can make a pandacorn, post it on Etsy, and it’s gone within an hour. Working at Fill-A-Friend pays the bills so I can work on my real passion—one-of-a-kind stuffies that have my own personal flair. But Fill-A-Friend can be demanding and sometimes intense, especially since I’m accident prone (one time I left the cotton stuffing machine on. Whoops.) Or like that time when I got rid of a bunch of ugly stuffed dogs and some random guy stole them and went to jail over it. Yikes. Anyway, things are going okay until Kent shows up in my life. And then they get so much better. He’s kind, caring, and supportive of my stuffie-making. The only issue is that he says weird stuff about “our line of work” when we don’t even do the same thing, but he’s handsome and amazing, so I don’t mind. In fact, I think I’m falling for him.

My stuffie business and my personal life are headed in the right direction . . . Until Mr. Tucker comes to inspect the store and things go terribly, horribly wrong.

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