Santa Material - MINK

Santa Material

Am I obsessed with my neighbor? Yes. Mac is a huge bear of a man, one with bright eyes and big hands—a man that you can’t help but drool over. He’s so kind, always asking me if I want help with my projects around the house. Maybe I’ll spend this Christmas in his arms, cuddled by a fire.

At least, that would’ve happened if I didn’t … accidentally … kill Santa Claus.

Look, I know how it sounds. But it was an accident! Now, it’s up to me to save Christmas, and I have to find the right person to take the Big Guy’s place. A man with a kind heart, a giving soul, and a laugh that can warm even the chilliest of grinches. A man like … Mac. But can I give up the only man I’ve ever loved to save Christmas, or will I keep him to myself no matter the cost?

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