Possessive Stepbrother - MINK

Possessive Stepbrother

She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. She’s also my stepsister.

For her whole life, Alessa has been prepared for one task—to help the Rossi family gain even more power through a favorable marriage.
The only thing is, when the time comes for her to walk down the aisle, I can’t let her go. Not when I’ve always known she should be mine. When I want something, I won’t be denied. And though she’s my stepsister, I want Alessa more than anything. She isn’t meant for me, but maybe I can change that. With each touch, each kiss, each stolen moment, I realize we can have a future together.

But going back on a marriage deal comes with danger and consequences. Even so, I’ll fight off anyone who thinks they can take my Alessa from me.

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