Unexpected Temptation - MINK

Unexpected Temptation

Love pops up in unexpected places in this collection from MINK. Even though temptation might not be foreseen, love takes control and brings these alpha heroes to their knees for the women they adore. This collection features Unexpected Queen, Unexpected Love, Unexpected Devotion, Sweet Psycho, and the brand new story Sweet Obsession (the highly-requested story for Ocean!).

Unexpected Queen — He thinks they’re getting married as nothing more than a business transaction … Until he sees her, wants her, and can’t get enough of her.

Unexpected Love — His nickname is the Butcher, and for good reason. But can the sweet daughter of a mob boss tame his dark nature?

Unexpected Devotion — She’s completely off limits, the boss’s sister. But he’s never been able to say no to her, and he never will.

Sweet Psycho — Which one is the psycho, the hero or the heroine? (Hint: All of the above.)

Sweet Obsession — I’m a special ops agent, more or less, though I don’t let the government tell me what to do. Private contractor. Part of a gang of women who infiltrate black ops and run riot on the bad guys. There’s one bad guy in particular I’ve had my eye on—Vane Bartow. Maybe he’s not bad in the classic sense, but he’s certainly bad for me—always stealing my focus. So now I’m going to steal something from him. At least that’s the plan. Until I get caught. Until Vane shows me exactly why he flusters me, fascinates me, and ignites every bit of curiosity—and desire—I have inside.

MINK’s Note: Get cozy with fleece and a fur baby for this holiday collection.

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