My Hero's Secret Baby - MINK

My Hero’s Secret Baby

It’s not in my nature to save people, especially when there’s no advantage in it for me. But that changes the moment I see her, my sweetness, being attacked. For once in my life, I step in. Saving her was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I soon realize fate drew me to the right place and the right time to meet Pepper. She’s too innocent for a man like me, but I can’t let her go. And I don’t. I dote on her and love her. Until she’s taken from me. Her life snuffed out by my enemies. Now, I live to make them pay, and I won’t stop until everyone who had a hand in Pepper’s death is bleeding at my feet.

Lane saved me. This man with the intense eyes and powerful way about him. He’s my hero, and I can’t believe I’m falling in love. Everything’s perfect until I stray too far one night and find out exactly what sort of man won my heart. Cruelty and violence—he’s capable of both, though I know in my heart he’d never harm me. Even so, when I see the chance to escape, I take it. But I’m not alone when I leave him, and my heart is forever drawn back to him, to the man who loves me fully and without reservation. Though he may be a nightmare for those who cross him, he’ll always be my hero.

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