Married to my Stalker - MINK

Married to my Stalker

I’ve watched her every move from the moment I first saw her. She was irresistible. Still is. Quinn is the one I never saw coming. She’s so trusting—running into my arms as soon as I get home. Now she’s my wife, and I haven’t stopped watching her. I can’t. My line of work makes it dangerous to be involved with me, much less married to me.

But she doesn’t know that part of my life, and I never intend to show her my ugly side. The problem is, no matter how carefully I treat her, my dark side tries to come out. It’s not enough to watch her anymore. I have to control her, to put my hands on her, to make her whimper and call my name.

I stop myself. At least, I try to. Until she pushes for more. More of me, more of the darkness that I’ve been concealing from her. It’s like she wants all of me, not just the parts I’ve let her see.

When danger comes knocking at our door, I can’t hide my true self any longer. But when she sees what I’m capable of, will she still run into my open arms?

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