Locking Her Down - MINK

Locking Her Down

Did I break into an animal shelter? Yes. Should it be a crime? Absolutely not. After all, I’m just trying to save these darling kittens from being sent to a lab for experiments. They deserve a loving home, and I intend to give them one. Well, that was the plan, but then I ran into some complications. Several of them. And they all have badges, guns, and handcuffs. So, off to jail I go, but I make my one phone call to the only man who can help me. Benton. I just hope he doesn’t tell my father what I’ve been up to.

Penelope is in trouble, and I’m the only one who can help her. I make it to the jail almost before she does and save her from a night in the drunk tank. But once I get her to my house, I have a hard time letting her leave. After all, she’s been on my mind since the first moment I met her. And this little run-in with the law is just what I need to convince her that I can be her everything. House arrest has never seemed so appealing. My plan is so close to working out, but Penelope always brings something extra—could be stolen kittens, could be dangerous family ties. With my Penny, life is always a surprise.

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