119 Kitty Ln. - MINK

119 Kitty Ln.

Starting my new life in Rosewood Ranch is easily the best decision I’ve ever made. New friends, new job, new everything. But by far the very best part of it all is meeting Amethsyt. She puts the Cherry in Cherry Falls, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get her out of my mind … or heart.

She’s too young for me. Too pure. She doesn’t know about my past. But even though I can throw reason after reason out there for why we can’t be together, I can’t stop myself from claiming her as mine. She’s not meant for a rough man like me, but that won’t stop me.

I’ll protect her from this world, allow her to grow and flourish the way she deserves. That’s my plan. Until she’s taken from me. Until I find out her father’s plans for her. . . But I’ll always find my sweet Amethyst, always keep her safe.

And heaven help anyone, including her own father, who tries to steal her from me.

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