Innocent Little Liar - MINK

Innocent Little Liar

I only need one more piece of property to complete my new, legit empire—Grant Fraser’s company. He’s wily, but I’m far more determined than he realizes, especially when this means my family business can go from back alley to Wall Street.

The deal is mine for the taking, at least it was until Cadence Fraser showed up at the negotiating table. Grant’s daughter, she’s a surprise, one that I can’t resist. I need her to make this deal happen—that’s the only reason I watch her at her apartment, follow her around the city, and keep an eye on her every move. It’s also the only reason I bring her into my home, into my bed, into my life …

But now she’s in my heart. She’s the future I didn’t know I needed. When I find out she’s in danger, I return to my blood-soaked roots and vow to destroy anyone who would dare touch her. Because she’s mine, and I always keep what’s mine.

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