His Virgin Bride - MINK

His Virgin Bride

I meet my new bride while her husband’s blood is still cooling on my hands. Bella, the Carrera daughter with the sharp tongue and the bright eyes. She thinks she’s nothing compared to her younger sister, but she’s wrong. Bella is everything, and I’m going to prove to her that I’m worthy to be her husband. Once I’ve exacted my vengeance on all who seek to take what I’ve fought and killed for, I’ll have my beauty on her back, panting my name, and thanking God I claimed her as mine.

My first husband found me plain and unappealing. But now he’s dead, and I have to look out for my sister as well as my own neck. But Santino isn’t the mafia king I expect. He’s ruthless, hard, and violent, but not to me. To me, he shows kindness, consideration, and above all, an attraction that I can’t explain. I want him, but my duty to my sister is always at the forefront of my mind. Falling for Santino wasn’t part of my plan, but his irresistible assault may be the only thing that can change me from a Carrera to a Baldoni, but at what cost?

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