His to Keep - MINK

His to Keep

A bodyguard’s work is never done, especially when you’re protecting a girl like Cara. For months she’s teased me, showing me glimpses of skin and flaunting her innocence. I’m a hard man, one who has a job to do. Bringing down Cara’s father and his crime syndicate is why I’m here.

It should be the only reason I’m here. It’s not.

I’m here for Cara, and I’ve wanted her since the day I was first assigned to her protection detail. Claiming her was never an option, not when my plans always ended with her father’s death.

But the more I see of the sheltered girl with the innocent eyes, the more I think she belongs by my side. Even if it goes against my family’s plans, I intend to make Cara my bride and my queen.

And if anyone gets in the way of my love for Cara? Well, like I said, I’m a hard man, one who doesn’t mind getting blood on his hands for the woman he loves.

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