His Sweetest Sin - MINK

His Sweetest Sin

God has led me to a life of service. I never thought being a priest would be a career path for me, but here I am giving Mass and leading a flock toward salvation. My path is clear until a red-headed distraction begins to visit my services. Eyes wide and giving off innocence like a burst of effervescence, Lily is a temptation that I must overcome. But the more trust she gives me, the more confessions she reveals, I soon realize that the Lord brought her to me. I’m the only one who can ease the deep ache inside her and lead her into the light.

When I see Father Niall standing on the steps of his church, his open smile and welcoming arms are just what I need. Even though I’m not a Catholic, I attend his services and soak in the sound of his voice, the warmth in his eyes. I don’t think he notices me. Until one day, he does. And then I confess to him about the ache I feel every time I see him. Father Niall is merciful and helps me in every way I ask. But when he learns who I really am, his own dangerous past comes to light. Father Niall isn’t what he seems … but then again, neither am I.

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