Hidden Love - MINK

Hidden Love

A collection of four MINK books where love is unexpected, disguised, or completely hidden. But love can’t hide for long!
Books included: Stalking her Sweetly, Stuffed, Beauty and the Boss, His Secret Treasure and….. 

There’s also an all-new story, Hidden Love!

Mariana isn’t the kind of woman I ever expected to have a chance with. Not when I’m a rough enforcer, someone who shouldn’t be within ten feet of anyone as innocent as Mariana. But I can’t shake my need to have her, and when she looks at me with those big eyes, I can feel the heat behind them. She wants me just as badly.

So I take her, all of her, and I claim her body and soul for myself. She’s the only one who’s ever been able to tame my violent heart.

But we have a past full of shadows, and there’s one in particular we’ll have to face before we can start our new life together. Even so, I’ll never let Mariana slip through my fingers, no matter what.

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