Her Christmas Spy - MINK

Her Christmas Spy

I’m not here for holiday cheer. I’ve been hired to do a job—find out how Snow Hills cheats its way into winning a holiday decorating competition every year. I’m going to get to the bottom of it, I’m going to get paid, and then I’ll be done with this postcard-perfect town.

At least that’s the plan until I meet Liza Grable. She’s like the Christmas fairy of Snow Hill, all curves and sweetness. I’m supposed to be investigating her and her mother, the mayor, but the thought of her being a cheater simply doesn’t fit.

What does fit? The two of us together.

Snow Hills was supposed to be easy money, a brief bit of work before I moved on. But the closer I get to Liza, the more I realize I’ve found something rare and beautiful. Something I have to keep close to my heart. But I’m not the only one who can’t let Liza go …

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