Heir to Love - MINK

Heir to Love

I have to find a bride. My father’s will is quite clear: either I marry or I forfeit the mafia empire we’ve built. Getting married has never been something I thought was in my future, but now that it’s imperative I find a woman who’ll have me, I suppose I have to get used to the idea. Grudgingly, of course. It’s not as if I truly want to get married.

At least, that was the case until I met the feisty pink-haired girl in a shared cab on a rainy day. Maddie brings an unexpected ray of sunshine to my life, and I realize that maybe my father was onto something. Maybe getting married isn’t a chore… As it turns out, it’s exactly what I want.

But my world is one of darkness and violence, and happy endings are hard to find. When Maddie is taken from me, I’ll get her back by any means necessary and rain down hell on everyone who dares to do her harm.

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