Guardian's Obsession - MINK

Guardian’s Obsession

Vivian is my ward. I’m tasked with taking care of her and handling all her needs. The only thing is, I was expecting her to be a child, one I could easily hand off to a nanny. But she isn’t. She’s a grown woman with wicked curves who fascinates me.

I’m in charge of her inheritance. I want to be in charge of her. All of her. I’m the sort of man who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. I’ve crushed my competition again and again over the years, and now I’ll turn my skills on my young ward, breaking down her defenses until she’s completely open to me. When I finally get a taste, I’m hooked, and I realize I’ll never let her go.

But her foolish brother has other plans, and he’s made deals involving my sweet Vivian. He’ll find out just how ruthless I can be when it comes to protecting what’s mine, and Vivian irrevocably belongs to me, just as I belong to her. Forever.

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