Fangs and Forever - MINK

Fangs and Forever

I lead a solitary life, one I’ve built over the course of a century. Now I’ve settled into a home, and I’m doing my best to renovate it and live a normal undead life. All that goes down the drain when Everly comes stomping through my front door with a crossbow pointed at my heart.

She thinks I’m a killer—that I’ve been draining hooligans and old ladies in town. She’s right: I am a killer, but I’m not the one she’s looking for.

I’m drawn to her. So much so that I follow her home and watch her every move. I can’t stop. She’s mine. I knew it the moment I saw her. So did my soul, because my long-dead heart began to beat. Only for her.

But she’s not going to trust me easily. After all, my kind killed her parents. The more I get to know her, the more I realize her past is the key to explaining her mysterious blood disorder and her penchant for attracting vampires. But if we don’t solve the local murders, Everly might be the killer’s next victim.

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