Bought by the Loan Shark - MINK

Bought by the Loan Shark

I know a priceless object when I see it. Always have. It’s a gift, or perhaps a curse. The moment I get a glimpse of Laura, I get the same feeling as when I see a stolen work of art from a master. It’s real. Authentic. And it makes everything inside me hunger to possess her. But Laura can’t be bought, and she’s turned me down every time I’ve approached her for nothing more than a date.

Giving up isn’t an option, not when I’ve found a woman so rare, so I call in all of her brother’s loans. She’ll offer herself to save him, and I’m just the sort of man to take advantage. And I do. I take it all. But I also want to give her something I’ve never offered to anyone else. When she finds out who I really am, will she accept my heart or leave me empty handed?

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