Bodyguard's Obsession - MINK

Bodyguard’s Obsession

Nothing surprises me anymore. At least nothing did … Until she fell into my arms. Fiona is young, beautiful, and a superstar. It’s my job to protect her from her crazy fans and one particularly dangerous stalker. It’s not my job to watch every little move she makes, to hang on her every word, and to imagine what it would be like to get a taste of her.

I tell myself to keep my distance and stay alert. It pays off when I save her life. But it also wakes me up to the fact that she’s not safe on the Vegas stage. So I seize the chance to take her for myself. . . For her safety, of course.

I bring her home, to the vineyard where I grew up. The problem is, home has its own shadows, ones I’ve tried to outrun. But I’ll deal with them if it means Fiona is safe.

But her stalker won’t give up, not until she’s his or dead. I won’t let that happen, and I’ll do anything to protect Fiona, no matter the cost.

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